Guided by its parent company Rolex on strict standards, yet executed at a more moderate price point, the Tudor brand offers an enviable value proposition. As any good parent, Rolex was an ever-present and shaping force during Tudor's infancy, imparting valuable knowledge, expertise and skill to its young. However, Tudor outgrew the guidance and replica watches quickly went on to make a name for itself on its own terms. Tudor presented its first diving watch with the Oyster Prince Submariner 7922 in 1954 and staying true to its mantra, it offered a durable and reliable waterproof watch at a great value. The omega replica first versions of the Tudor Submariner were considered experimental where the brand tinkered with the models in coordination with the feedback they'd receive from the diving professionals using them. In fact, the first four references of the 7900 series, 7922, 7923, 7924 and 7925, did not even appear in the Tudor general catalog. The arrival of the last reference in the 7900 series, the ref. 7928, was the first rolex replica in its family to be included in the brand's marketing materials and established many of the design codes of the Tudor Submariner collection. The 7928 presented many "firsts" for the Tudor Submariner collection. Its case was built to be bigger replica rolex and more rugged at 39mm rather than the 37mm size of its predecessors and debuted with crown guards, which had never before been seen on the Submariner. It also featured a riveted bezel, much like the Rolex Submariner 5513.


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